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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you open to the public?

A: We are currently a private breeding facility. At no time do we allow public access for any reason, this helps to ensure the safety and health of our animals

Q: How are your animals shipped?

A: All animals are shipped FedEx priority overnight through in approved styrofoam insulated boxes. All packages must be signed for by a legal adult; this is the only way packages containing live reptiles will be sent out. DynAnimal ships live animals Monday through Wednesday. We generally do not ship Thursdays in case of delays; this prevents shipments from sitting over the weekend if unforeseen circumstances were to occur.  

Q: May animals be picked up in person?

A: Yes. You may schedule a time to pick up purchases in person at our satellite office in Plano TX or another DFW location that is convenient for both parties. Animals and supplies may also be purchased online and picked up at a scheduled reptile expo DynAnimal are vending.

Q: Does DynAnimal  accept payment plans?

A: Yes, we do on occasion. Payment plans are offered on a case by case basis and will be discussed with each requesting said plan.

Q: Do you take deposits / have a waiting list?

A: We get this question a LOT! Regarding deposits, please see above, they fall in line with payment plans. DynAnimal does not operate a waiting list, we have tried this in the past, and the headaches far outweigh the benefit. All animal sales are on a first come first served basis. If you’re curious as to when we hatch out a particular species, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We will always announce on both platforms as well as update the site when reptiles are available.  

Q: Can my bearded dragon eat mealworms?

A: Yes! Don’t believe half of what you read on the internet or hear in Facebook groups. While there are better feeder choices as far as nutrition, mealworms are perfectly fine as part of a varied diet. Dragons have evolved to be able to eat and digest a variety of foods, including bone. It is true that mealworms are higher in chitin, but they can still be digested and passed without issue when a keeper is practicing proper husbandry.  

Q: Can my bearded dragon eat pinky or fuzzy mice?

A: This is another yes. Pinky and small fuzzy mice are a great addition to an appropriately sized dragon’s diet. Many keepers wrongly accuse pinky mice of being overly high in fat, often comparing them to a stick of butter.  This misinformation is usually just regurgitated nonsense, as pinkies are lower in fat than several feeder insects, contain more protein, and are a great source of calcium. So as long as your keeping is on point, offer pinks a few times a month. Your dragon will thank you!

Q: How can I sex my dragon?

A: Sexing dragons is pretty straightforward and easy, especially with juveniles and adults. Below are pictures illustrating the most popular two methods. In both of these were looking for the presence of hemipenes, the male reproductive organ.