All animals are sold as described in the sale postings; we do not accept responsibility for any assumptions made buy the buyer. Our health guarantee and “arrive alive” guarantee are outlined below and are strictly adhered to.
Due to the fact we are dealing with live animals and we have zero control of their care once they leave our facility… we offer a 14 DAY HEALTH guarantee on all animals unless otherwise discussed in writing. It is very important to remember that dragons will / can go through stress from shipping and relocation. It is absolutely imperative to give them a few days to adjust to their new home and schedule. Some signs of stress in a new arrival dragon (or any other lizard) can be; but not limited to: lack of appetite, slowed or lack of activity, changes in coloration, hiding / avoiding the basking area, glass surfing and clawing at the enclosure floor. This usually doesn’t last more than 1-3 days. If it does please let us know immediately. Most baby bearded dragons are between 5″ -7″ inches in total length when listed for sale, unless otherwise specified in the description. All animals posted for sale are guaranteed to be of good health, and eating well unless otherwise noted in the description or via private message / email. We do not 100% guarantee sex unless otherwise stated in the for sale details. Should an animal pass and or need to be replaced for any reason, it will be done so in the form of another animal of equal or lesser value or “store credit” ONLY!!! DynAnimal DOES NOT OFFER A CASH REFUND FOR ANY REASON. Shipping for any replacement animal is at the buyers expense, DynAnimal DOES NOT resume any responsibility for live animal shipping expenses. If you notice anything odd with an animal purchased from us, IT IS the BUYERS responsibility to contact DynAnimal immediately. Do not wait a week or a few days to open a line of communication. Hatchling lizards / dragons can decline quickly and it is usually only a minor change necessary to remedy the situation. Failure to contact DynAnimal directly will void any and all warranties. DO NOT seek the advice of another person or search engine before contacting us or your warranty will be negated. If an animal should die, a picture of the owner’s setup and written description must be provided with contact letting us know. In some instances we may require the purchaser to send the animal back at their expense. When cared for and setup correctly, an animal passing is a very rare occurrence, but can happen. We do our best to be fair and feel we have covered everything to help ensure both parties are satisfied should the unexpected happen.
We do on occasion offer payment plans or to hold animals. Each plan or hold is on a case by case basis and will be discussed in detail with the potential customer. All payment plans, regardless of discussed terms do require a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.
The “arrive alive” guarantee only applies if you are present to receive the animal at time of delivery, and sign for the package. Temperatures should not exceed 95°, or fall below 37° in the departure or arrival destination. We DO NOT SHIP in inclement weather. Should there be a delivery mishap, you must provide a photo of damaged box and or dead animal(s) inside the original shipping container. Dead on arrival animals must NOT BE REMOVED from DynAnimal original shipping cups / containers! DynAnimal is ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR replacing the original purchase value of the animal. If you or a previously discussed family member is not there to receive the package, the “arrive alive” warranty is NULL AND VOID. DynAnimal will not, in any way reimburse for shipping; the buyer is responsible for shipping charges on any replacement animals. DynAnimal apologizes if this sounds unreasonable, but we have found it to be best practice. If a package arrives well beyond the scheduled arrival time due to an error on FedEx’s part; we will seek a refund for shipping cost and return it to the buyer. This will ONLY HAPPEN IF IT is awarded to us. Acts of nature do not count as error on the carrier’s part. Shipping for live animals is conducted through reptiles2you/FedEx.



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