We strive to produce top quality reptiles with special attention to selectively breeding the best phenotype of each species we work with.


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Real Quality

We don’t use the word lightly! DynAnimal has spent years selecting the best breeding stock in order to produce the healthiest, brightest colored and most contrasted possible for each species here.


Though our main focus is Tegus, Bearded Dragons, and Eastern Indigos, we work with a diversified collection of species. We love a large variety of animals and have chosen to breed anything we our passionate about. This results in an assorted selection for our customers.

Supplies & Food

We also offer reptile related supplies, dry foods, and feeders. We want you to be prepared for the species you purchase.

Bearded Dragons

With so many breeders producing Pogona vitticeps, our focus here is quality and color. We work with reds, oranges, yellows, witblits and zeros in a variety of mutations.


DynAnimal  produces several tegu species, morphs and hybrids; paying special attention to our top tier DA line black and whites, reds and tribrids.