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About Us

DynAnimal, is a private reptile breeding company owned and operated by Tara Power and Greg Power. Although we have been involved in the reptile community in some capacity or another as far back as the early 90’s, DynAnimal wasn’t established until 2012. We are located in Dallas Texas and currently not open to the public.

   While we work with a variety of species, our focus is producing the very best bearded dragons, tegus, pied veiled chameleons, gargoyle geckos and iguanids possible.  Dynanimal also keeps and breeds various colubrid species, pythons, geckos, monitors, agama and heloderma.

   Although our journeys began at separate times, we have been enthralled with reptiles and animals in general from a very young age. You could often find us out roaming fields or wooded areas near the homes we grew up in, searching for any reptile or amphibian we could find. It was this passion for nature that brought us together and pushed us to start DynAnimal. It is that same dedication that drives us forward, to grow, and be the very best and most respected in the industry. Our mission is simple; to educate, provide quality reptile products and create some of the most beautiful animals on the planet. Health and quality over quantity, always!, will serve as a platform dedicated to achieving that goal.