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Miner-All O formula for herbivores, carnivores and insect eating reptiles exposed to natural sunshine for more than a day, is the only high quality human grade phosphorous free calcium based product scientifically formulated with over 50 vital minerals and calcium ensuring optimum health and bone strength. Miner-All is ground to a micro fine powder sticking to all insects, from crickets to fruit flies, as well as mice. To complete your pets dietary requirements, vitamin gut load all insects or prey items with Sticky Tongue Farms Vit-All. Gutloading insects/prey items is the best way to introduce the proper amount of vitamins to reptiles and amphibians. We package Vit-All and Miner-All separately to preserve the integrity of both products. Mixing vitamins and minerals together in packaging degrade each other compromising the quality of both ingredients. We recommend insect eating animals NOT exposed to natural sunshine use Miner-All outdoor formula with vitamin d-3.

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