Digital Thermometer With Probe


DA Digital thermometer with probe black

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Stylish, small and, suitable for use with water (probe only).
Celsius or fahrenheit temperature reading.
Technical Parameters:
Measurement range: -50°C∽+70°C / 0°F∽ 158°F
Resolution: ±0.1°C
Accuracy: ±1°C
Power supply: 1.5V button battery (LR44)
Overall size: 5.8×3.7×1.6
Display size: 2.65×1.35

The probe for this thermometer may be used in the substrate, wrapped around decor or attached to the enclosure with provided suction cup. Please ensure that enclosure occupants cannot become entangle or chew on probe cable.

Please note that the probe may be submerged in water but the LCD display must remain dry.


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